Homeowners may have difficulty choosing between vinyl and hardwood siding. Vinyl siding is a plastic material that lasts for a long time. It provides good value to homeowners and is very affordable. It has a lot of color options and is much more fade resistant in recent years. “Vinyl vs. Hardboard Siding | Roofer FAQ” covers some of the main differences to help them decide.

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Hardwood siding includes wood composite and Shaker-style materials. LP SmartSide makes durable wood composite siding and throws baseballs and golf balls at it during testing. So, it holds up well. Hardwood siding resists pests less well than vinyl does. Additionally, it costs more than twice as much as vinyl siding. However, it creates a unique look homebuyers love and can dramatically increase home values.

Vinyl siding usually comes in double 4-inch or double 4.5-inch panels. It’s relatively easy to replace a broken piece. A local roofer can quickly get a new piece, open the siding wall, pull the broken piece out, and pop a new one in. These are the fundamental differences between vinyl and hardwood siding. Homeowners can use this information to make the right property siding choices. A local roofer can install the selected siding


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