Tile roofs over a myriad of benefits to homeowners, especially in southern clients. Tile roofing is long-lasting, durable, and climate-friendly, so it’s naturally an attractive option for many homeowners.

One of the potential issues with tile roofing, however, is that it is prone to damage during hail storms. Significant hail storms can cause roofing tiles to crack or break completely. If your home was recently involved in a hail storm, you may need tile roofing contractors to assist you.

Tile roofers can inspect, repair, and replace tile roofing, but that’s not all they do.

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They also help homeowners with insurance claims. Many homeowners’ insurance companies fight valid claims for roofing damage coverage after hail storms. If you’re struggling to negotiate with your homeowners’ insurance company, make sure to reach out to your local roofers.

The video posted on this page can teach you more about what roofers want you to know about hail-damaged tile roofing claims with insurance companies. Once you’ve learned what you can from the video, your local roofers can support you with the next steps toward getting your claim covered. With support, you can get the roof repairs you need and ensure your home is water-tight and secure once more.

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