If you rely on solar panels to fully power your property or significantly reduce your energy bills, you need to know how to keep them safe. One concern you may have, especially if they’re mounted on your roof, is that they could get heavily damaged during hail storms.

To test the risks associated with hail on solar panels, the team at Adam Savage’s Tested created a device to shoot ice chunks and even a ball bearing at a solar panel. This test replicated what would happen during different intensities of ice storms. By the end of the video, the solar panel had sustained significant localized damage, but it may have been able to partially function.

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The good news is that it took significant force to damage the solar panel at all. Light hail storms shouldn’t cause damage that would disrupt a homeowner’s ability to power their appliances or electrical system in general. Unless your home experiences a record-breaking hail storm, your solar installation is likely as safe as your roof would be.

However, if you do have concerns about your solar panels, a local solar service can come to your property to inspect them. They’ll identify panels that need to be replaced and work with you to get that job done.

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