Are you ready for a major renovation this year? If so, you have so many resources available to create your dream space. Whether you need more outdoor landscaping features or more energy-efficient upgrades, there is a contractor that can assist you. Read on for these major renovation resources that can help create a better home environment in 2024


You must have a quality roof to protect you and your family from the elements. A roof that’s leaking can endanger your entire home structure as that water can cause your foundation to rot. It also affects your drywall and other materials in your home. A wet or human environment from such leaks can be a hotbed for mold. That mold can affect your family’s respiratory health and create allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing at nighttime, coughing, asthma, lung infections, and more. This major renovation involving a new roof can protect your family’s health and the investment that you’ve already made in your home structure.

If you want a roof that can outlast your lifetime, you have more options than you may realize. Instead of constantly repairing your asphalt shingle roof every 10 years or so, you can install a metal or slate roof that lasts 40 to 70 years, according to Bob Vila. If you live in an arid climate with extreme heat, you can also consider ceramic tiles that can contrast and expand with heat. You see these beautiful tiles in places like Florida or the Mediterranean, where they can last up to 100 years with maintenance. Adding a quality and durable roof to your home renovation project can help with your energy costs. A metal roof naturally reflects heat away from the home, creating a cooler environment that needs less HVAC usage, even during the hottest summers. Just as metal jewelry is beautiful and slick, so can your roof be. Enjoy metal roofs made from copper, tin, stainless steel, and more.

Insulation Company

Insulation should always be a part of any major renovation you do on your property. First, check that you don’t have any illegal insulation left over from years before. According to Statistica, as many as over 50% of American homes were built before 1980. If you live in such a home, while you benefit from older architectural features, you may unknowingly be sitting in a home with asbestos. Asbestos is a poisonous insulation material outlawed by the early 1980s since it has been linked to lung cancer and other lung diseases. If asbestos particles are released into the air, they would be toxic to breathe in and just as toxic to touch. So if you recently bought an older home that hasn’t been lived in for a while, take steps to ensure it undergoes a thorough inspection in which professionals remove any asbestos insulation.

Once you have toxic or outdated insulation removed, get some new ones through a spray foam insulation service. Spray foam insulation has become popular because of its ability to cover different surfaces. The insulation comes from a spray can and hardens upon impact. You can cover it over any wall, ceiling, or corner. Thanks to the spray application it’s easy to get more adequate and complete coverage without leaving gaps, holes, or other vulnerabilities. Therefore, your home can be energy efficient, as you watch those energy bills decrease. Enjoy having a warmer home in winter and a cooler one in summer.

Shed Builders

Make sure you have enough space for storage and other activities as you work on your major renovation. That’s why you should enlist the services of shed builders. When you have the landscape, why not have a separate shed that can store your tools and other landscaping items? A shed is a great storage base for emergency food, especially if you don’t have a basement or separate pantry. Some people even renovate their sheds to use it as their “man cave” or “she shed”. With the right upgrades, a separate shed can also double as a separate living space that you can make rental income from on sites like Airbnb.

If you’re an animal lover, your shed can be a separate sleeping facility for your beloved pets. You can turn it into a horse stable or a comfortable boarding space for all your pups. When you want to start a dog boarding business, a shed is a perfect place for it. Then, your beloved animals can have their separate private space with room to move around and not be cramped up in your main house. It can also help you avoid a buildup of pet dander on your furniture and carpets. You can say goodbye to the constantly shedding fur on your furniture.


It’s hard to consider a major renovation for any home without developing your landscape further. After all, a built-up landscape is the main element in outdoor living. More Americans understand the value of improving their outdoor living spaces. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people realized that making homes as comfortable as possible was essential to their overall quality of life and health. After all, according to Psychology Today, being in nature produces an ongoing sense of wellness and relaxation. Start your wellness journey by keeping your grass, plants, and trees as healthy as possible. One way to invest in your landscape upkeep is by knowing when to call a tree removal service.

When trees are strategically placed around your home, they provide amazing energy efficiency benefits. As a result, you can reduce your HVAC usage from trees’ insulation properties. When a tree is too close to your home, and in the wrong spot, it can pose a danger. If your tree is weakened from previous weather damage or has died, it can easily fall on your home, especially after strong gusts of wind. When a tree falls on your house, it may cause devastating damage or make it unlivable. In the worst cases, someone may get hurt. Prevent this from happening by having a tree removal service get rid of trees too close, especially if they have overgrown roots. If overgrown tree roots are inching towards your home, they can uplift the foundation. These roots can also puncture your waterline or sewage line and cause a major environmental leak.

Landscapers can also strategically plant trees to provide shade, bear flowers, and produce fruit and nuts. As more people get into growing their food, trees can be a part of that as they produce apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, nuts, and more, depending on the region. Of course, you can kick up your fruit and vegetable production with a beautiful garden. If you’re unsure of the best places for your garden, professional landscapers can help with that as well. Add any necessary topsoil or sod and plant some of the initial items you can further maintain. Whether you want to grow carrots and tomatoes or focus on flowers, a garden is the ultimate nature highlight to add to any major renovation.

Water Treatments

You need a regular and healthy supply of water. According to Healthline, people should drink at least 8-8 ounce glasses daily. Depending on your level of activity and the amount of heat outside, you may need even more water than that. Why have an overflow of plastic bottles in your recycling bin when you can stop using them and install a reverse osmosis system? Reverse water osmosis provides filtered water by using a mesh system that filters it. These water treatment professionals can apply them across all your taps, so you can always drink and bathe in the cleanest water possible.

Water softening is also important. When you have water softeners in your home, you can avoid the cons that come with hard water. Hard water results in a buildup of minerals in your pipes and water system. It can make it hard to fully feel clean as you always feel like there’s a residue on your skin. That residue will also appear on your dishes and can affect your washing machine. A water softening system can also protect your fixtures as they remove that mineral buildup.

Paving Experts

You must walk on your walkways, pathways, and driveways. Your driveways can damage your tires when cracks and potholes are present. Your friends and visitors can also trip on those cracks or uneven levels. If this has become a problem in your home, it’s time to add a concrete company to your list of major renovation experts to hire. Concrete professionals can color the concrete to match your home theme. They may fill in cracks and holes in your existing concrete to repair it. However, they can remove the existing concrete or asphalt pavement and replace it with a new concrete surface that can last decades with care. They can also add a coating to your concrete to further protect it.


Hardscaping work should be a part of a major renovation project. Hardscapers can also work on your walkways to create custom paths made from cement, stone, brick, or all of the above. They may add a retaining wall to prevent erosion or protect your gardens. Your hard scaper may construct a beautiful patio to enjoy your landscape and gardens or host an outdoor kitchen. Thanks to the masonry skills of your local hardscape contractor, you can add a great deal of value and function to your home. Some of them can even install water features like ponds for fish, birdbaths to attract friendly nature, or carve out the foundation for a pool.


Quality plumbing is essential in any home. Adding plumbing service to a major renovation is the opportunity to improve water fixtures. Invest in a dual-flush toilet and rainfall showers. According to the EPA, Americans waste billions of gallons of water annually. You can change that by making these upgrades. Enjoy bath time by installing that clawfoot bathtub you’ve always wanted. Make cleansing easier by adding a bidet, often used in European bathrooms. Don’t forget about your water heater that allows you to have hot water on command. If your water heater has shown signs of reduced pressure, making weird sounds, or leaking, it may be time for water heater repair.

Custom Home Builders

Luckily, you don’t have to do your major renovation on your own. Make things easier by hiring a custom home construction builder. These professionals build homes from scratch or make additions every day. Maybe you want to add a new bedroom, finish your basement, or build other separate structures like a new garage or guesthouse.

Moving Services

If you’re doing a major renovation for a custom home, you need to enlist a moving service to help you get there. If you plan on moving in the summertime, you should book your moving service as early as possible. After all, most Americans move during the summer, so those moving trucks may book up quickly. While you likely find a mover, you may have to pay more money if you wait too long because it’s such a busy season. These days, professional movers supply more services than ever before. You may not have to lift a finger if you choose the right one. Some of them will pack your items for you, regardless of how fragile it is. They’ll take any large furniture like beds or tables apart and reassemble them at the new location. They may even unpack your boxes at your new home. To find a reputable mover you trust, don’t forget to get referrals or check online reviews.

Doing a major renovation on your home can be an exciting event. Whether renovating your existing home or doing a custom build for your dream home, there are many aspects to consider. That’s why you shouldn’t do these things on your own and enlist the services of the right contractor. The contractors in this guide have various specialties that can enhance any home and make your life easier. From water filtration to enhanced landscapes, take advantage of the renovation suppliers listed to create the home you always wanted in 2024.

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