If you’re a homeowner, you know that home inspections are crucial to keep the property in the best shape. Failing to do it can result in very expensive issues you surely don’t want to deal with later. You may also have to deal with many hassles that take time and energy away from the things that matter. Many homeowners forget to keep up with this essential maintenance, so here is a list of things you should remember when scheduling a home inspection. Keep reading to learn more.

Electrical Work

Before anything else, you should think about the importance of electrical work in your home. This task is essential for keeping the home functional and safe for everyone. You never want to deal with flickering lights or fire hazards inside the house, so you should add this to your list when scheduling a home inspection. This will help you maintain both safety and comfort inside your home.

First, you should look for signs of electrical issues. For example, if you find frayed wires around the house, you will want to fix them immediately to reduce the risk of fires or electrocution. Pay special attention to areas hidden from view, from the attic and basement to under the sink and behind the refrigerator. You should also think about the last time you had your wiring replaced. Older electrical systems are more prone to damage than newer ones, so you may want to replace ancient systems as quickly as possible.

Make sure you also check the breaker box. This is the command center for all electricals in your home, so it should always work well to prevent issues. If you don’t know what you’re doing, always seek the help of a licensed electrician. These professionals can inspect the property, find issues, repair them, or install a new system to ensure your home’s safety. You can go online and search for ‘ electricians near me‘ to quickly find a professional within the area.

Roof Issues

Another essential area to check is the roof. This is your main defense against the elements. It may look durable and long-lasting, but it’s not indestructible. Over the years, it’ll deteriorate and break down slowly, so you might find small leaks that can become costly problems later. Scheduling a home inspection for your roof will ensure you avoid these leaks and keep your house protected for longer.

A quick glance at your roof can reveal many issues and help you remedy them immediately. You want to look for missing tiles or shingles that leave an entryway for rainwater. You should also check the gutters where debris like leaves or mud can block water and cause leaks. If you find this kind of blockage, you want to remove them by hand and then flush the gutters with water to clean them properly. Some roofs may also have dips where water can stagnate and cause material decay, so check for these as well.

Professional roofers should always deal with these issues. Yes, you can DIY some roof repairs, but it may be more beneficial and cost-effective for people inexperienced with roof issues. Having an expert do the repairs can prevent you from creating more issues or fixing something that will break down once more after some time. With their assistance, you can get the project done immediately, helping you save time and money in the long run.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters if you want to increase the value of your property or make your neighbors jealous of your ability to keep your house in the best condition. You want to always make a good first impression on your guests and passersby. This will help you love your home more as people admire your property. Fortunately, improving curb appeal is not difficult. You can just focus on a few factors to ensure beautiful home surroundings.

Start with the lawn. When people approach the property, this is probably the most noticeable part of your home. If you want to wow them, maintain green and healthy grass with lush plants and trees around. Some people will have problems with browning patches, poor drainage, and soil erosion, but you can easily fix them with different techniques like drip irrigation, yard drainage installation, and hydro seeding.

You should also focus on the exterior structure of your house. Check the siding, which can start looking tired after a few years. A quick scrub with soapy water and a sponge can restore dirty sidings to its former glory. You should also look at your driveways and walkways. These are also noticeable areas, especially if there are cracks or potholes. A professional do-over may be necessary, but it will significantly increase your home’s curb appeal. By scheduling a home inspection for curb appeal, you can be proud of your house as you show it to everyone.

Old Flooring

Don’t forget to look down and check the flooring. Although not everyone will notice the floors, people with an eye for detail can easily be turned off by old flooring that no longer serves its purpose. You may have a dirty carpet, scratched-up linoleum, or shattered ceramic tiles that look ugly while creating tripping hazards. Scheduling a home inspection for your floors ensures a cohesive design that won’t lead to slips and falls.

You want to work with a local flooring contractor when replacing old flooring. These professionals can give you many different flooring options that suit your lifestyle better. For example, they may recommend vinyl flooring if you want something more durable. This will suit homeowners with pets constantly running around the house, causing trouble. They can also advise against carpeting, which will collect a lot of pet dander over the years.

These contractors will also work with you closely to ensure everything is done according to your wishes, especially regarding your budget. They can help you create beautiful, practical flooring that won’t empty your wallet. Make sure you communicate well with your hired flooring experts so they understand your needs and wants and make changes as soon as you find something you don’t like.

Damaged Windows

When scheduling a home inspection, always include the windows. These fixtures keep intruders out and tempered air inside. They also give you some visibility to the outside world, allowing fresh air to enter when you open them. But windows will also deteriorate over time. They can shift, crack, creak, and get misaligned, which you can avoid with preventive maintenance.

Do a visual inspection to see if there are any window problems to fix. For example, cracked glass should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent it from shattering. You can call a professional for window glass repair or replacement and restore the pristine, clear look of new glass. You might also have windows that are stuck in place, which makes it more difficult to get our daily dose of outdoor air. Finally, check for cracks or gaps where air drafts can enter. Getting these issues repaired will help you stay comfortable at home.

Of course, windows play a crucial role in sustainability. Aside from your AC, the windows also help maintain or compromise indoor air quality. If you want to have more energy-efficient windows, you can look for doubleā€”or triple-paned glass. These can keep your tempered air inside while preventing the heat or cold outside from entering. Window locks can also be a godsend when preventing burglars from entering.

Aging Kitchens

As the heart of the home, the kitchen should always be updated to keep everyone in the family happy. This area is where people can bond over food prep and have fun while cooking with each other. If you have an older kitchen without all the modern conveniences that people come to expect for this home area, you’ll miss out on all the fun of making delicious dishes that make people drool.

Make sure your kitchen is always functional. If nothing works, there’s no point in starting kitchen remodels to create a beautiful space. Check your appliances and make sure they are all working as needed. You also want to check if they’re only consuming the right amount of energy. If they’re using more electricity than necessary, you want to replace them with newer, more sustainable models.

Storage is another factor that plays into the functionality of your kitchen. You want shelves, cabinets, and cupboards to hold all your cooking ingredients and equipment without crowding the entire space. A new counter can also be helpful if you constantly run out of prep space while whipping up a storm in the kitchen. So, make sure you include revamping your old kitchen space when scheduling a home inspection.

Outdated Oil Tank

You should always maintain heating oil tanks well maintained, or you risk leaks, fires, and environmental damage. If you have an older tank, make sure you’re scheduling a home inspection to check if it’s still good for home use. Look for issues like rusting, which creates a weak spot on the structure. If corrosion has ruined the entire thing, you might want to hire professional oil tank removal immediately for safety concerns.

Oil tanks are also a bit outdated, as there are now many more eco-friendly and convenient alternatives. You might opt for electric heat pumps that don’t burn oil and emit greenhouse gases. These devices generate heat inside the home without consuming much power. You might also get solar heaters, which can be expensive initially but will pay for themselves as you save energy heating your property. With a cleaner heating source, you can stop worrying about some risks and enjoy a cozy home more.

Septic Fullness

A full septic tank can be a big headache and a stinky nightmare. Your septic system deals with the waste that runs down your sinks, toilets, and drains, so it will eventually fill up and start causing issues if you don’t maintain it well. Scheduling a home inspection for your septic system prevents a disgusting mess that also costs a lot of money to clean up.

Try to remember the last time you hired a septic pumping service. This is how to remove the waste that accumulates in the tank, helping it stay functional for your home. Depending on the size of your household and the septic tank, you should try to get the system pumped out every three to five years. This ensures the system doesn’t fill up completely and cause issues around your house.

But you might have to pump the system out if you encounter specific signs that the tank is clogged or malfunctioning. For example, if you smell bad odors from your toilets and drains, it might signify a problem with the septic system. You might also see waste backing up into your toilets and sinks, which tells you the tank is either full or blocked. Seeking the help of a septic professional immediately will ensure you don’t have to deal with this gross issue any longer.

Dying Trees

As mentioned, curb appeal is affected by the appearance of your yard, including your trees. If you have dying trees, your home can quickly look worn and tired while threatening your safety. You want the trees on your property to always look strong and healthy, or they can start littering your yard with fallen leaves or fall on your house once they get uprooted.

You can still save some dying trees. You want to talk to an arborist to check the tree’s health. They can advise some tree care changes from watering less frequently to prevent root rot to removing pests that suck the life out of the mighty structure. Depending on what’s killing the tree, your arborist can recommend solutions that might restore its health and help it grow again.

However, tree removals might be the solution if they’re beyond saving. It’s not the best way to deal with a dying tree, but it might be necessary, especially if the tree can fall and destroy your home or become home to pests. You might be able to remove the tree slowly by cutting parts of it bit by bit, but you can always call a professional to do it quickly. They will expertly remove the branches and safely take down the remainder of the trunk. They can minimize the risk of property damage and do it faster than you can.

Energy Bills

Finally, you might want to include an energy consumption check when scheduling a home inspection. If you find that you’re paying for more electricity usage than usual, your house might not be as efficient as you think. There must be something in your home that’s taking more power to keep running. You can find this device and fix it with a professional inspection.

For one, the HVAC system is a common appliance that consumes more electricity than needed. Without proper maintenance, it can become less energy-efficient and use much electricity to stay functional. Consider calling your HVAC companies to take a look at your system if you suspect it is the culprit. They can give the unit a tune-up or recommend a replacement to improve your energy use.

Owning a home can be fun, but it also requires some maintenance to prevent expensive issues. By regularly scheduling a home inspection to catch various home problems, you can be more comfortable and save more time and money. Always check different areas, from the roof to your HVAC system, to avoid headaches and hassles. If you take proactive steps with home maintenance, you get peace of mind while living on your property.

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